Egmont to launch new Fairy Animals series

Egmont to launch new Fairy Animals series

Egmont Press will be launching a new series, Fairy Animals of Misty Wood, next year, with five books planned for 2013 and ten in 2014.

The series will be aimed at girls aged 5-7, with commissioning editor Ali Dougal acquiring world rights in the titles from Hothouse Fiction co-founders Reg Wright and Richard Maskell. The series was developed through consumer research and testing, and the package will be sparkly and collectible with extras such as quizzes, craft activities and incentives to collect all the titles.

The first four books will be released in July 2013, with a fifth coming in September 2013. Ten titles are planned across 2014. Each book will tell the story of a different animal in a magical wood full of fairy animal friends.

Dougal said: "Little girls everywhere will fall head-over-heels in love with this heartwarming, irresistible series. Our research tells us that our target readers want cute animals, magic, fairies and friendship – so Fairy Animals hits all the right buttons."

The series will be advertised on Nickelodeon, Animal Planet and The Disney Channel, with a further marketing and publicity campaign also planned, including a Fairy Animals membership club, direct mail to Egmont's database, event packs for in-store parties and competition coverage.

Wright said: "We have learned invaluable lessons in 'best practice' from our publishing partnerships on other successful series and we'd like to bring them to bear on Fairy Animals of Misty Wood. This sweetly charming series has been under development with Egmont for a long time, and we're hugely excited about the way it's taking shape."