Domino Records launches imprint

Domino Records is to go on the road with a travelogue from folk singer James Yorkston as the inaugural title of its first publishing imprint, Domino Press.

It's Lovely to be Here—The Touring Diaries of a Scottish Gent is a music title set out as Yorkston's journals of life as a "modern-day troubadour". The jacket is designed by children's illustrator Clare Beaton.

The record label came across Yorkston's writing when he penned a piece for music magazine Loops, a collaboration between Domino and Faber. The feature went on to form the first chapter of It's Lovely to be Here.

"It was the first time we knew he had talents other than the music and we thought we'd explore that," explained project manager Bart McDonagh. He added that the appeal of the title lay in Yorkston's humour and world view. "There's a definite edge to it," he said. "He can be a cynical bugger."

Although the title is designed to appeal to music lovers, McDonagh added: "We hope it has life outside that as well."

The title (B-format paperback, r.r.p. £9.99) will be distributed through Faber and released as an e-book via Faber Factory, with the price to be confirmed.

Yorkston will promote with a month of live dates starting in Glasgow on 26th January. "[Publishing is] still very formative for us, we want to see how it goes," McDonagh said.