David Fickling Books signs deal with Scholastic US

David Fickling Books signs deal with Scholastic US

David Fickling Books (DFB) has signed a first look deal with the world’s largest children’s publisher, Scholastic, for international publication and distribution in the US and throughout other territories outside the UK.

Scholastic will get first option on all relevant David Fickling Books titles to be published in the US, and extending to other countries worldwide. Books acquired will be published under the David Fickling Books imprint by Scholastic Trade. DFB will retain its independence while accessing Scholastic's sales and marketing resources and its distribution through schools, libraries and trade across the US.

DFB founder David Fickling previously worked for Scholastic, as UK publishing director in the 1990s.

Fickling said: “For me, this is like a perfect home-coming—one that allows us to retain our precious independence yet share so much expertise. It was very flattering to hear directly from Scholastic c.e.o. Dick Robinson; he is a global leader in children’s publishing and Scholastic is gigantic compared with tiny DFB, yet we both bring energy and a strong track record in our own fields.

"The warmth of our welcome at Scholastic has been very important to us as our ethos in dealing with authors, agents and publishers is based on personal contact and trust and the confidence to invent strong and lasting partnerships.”

Ellie Berger, president of trade publishing at Scholastic, said: “We believe that Scholastic's unique position as both a publisher and distributor will provide the perfect vehicle for much of DFB’s new and innovative publishing. We will publish each book we acquire with passion and care, as we know that David would expect nothing less.”
Fickling announced his move to independence, away from Random House's DFB imprint, in April.

RH's existing DFB backlist is gradually moving into another imprint in the Random House children's division.

DFB will be publishing its first books as an independent company in spring/summer 2014 and intends to publish 25-30 books a year.