Danish BA boss calls for regulation

Olaf Winsløw, c.e.o. of the Den Danske Boghandlerforening (the Danish BA), has called on parliament to regulate retailers to protect shops and the "diversity and quality" of Danish publishing.

Speaking before a panel of the Danish parliament's cultural committee looking into the health of the book trade on 7th November, Winsløw decried the number of physical bookshops that have closed in Denmark in the past year. He said that if closures continue publishers will miss out on routes to market, and "a vicious cycle" will me a decline in the number of Danish books produced.

Among the measures Winsløw called on were fixed prices, government support for shops that carry a broad range of titles, and allowing physical bookshops to sell new titles exclusively in the first month after publication.

Member of the Danish Publishers Association, writers unions, the library association and union of librarians also participated in the discussion.