CWA offers manuscript-reading service

CWA offers manuscript-reading service

The Crime Writers’ Association is offering a new manuscript reading service for aspiring writers.

Hopeful novelists can now submit part or all of their unpublished novels to the CWA, where it will be read by a member and returned with a detailed critique. The CWA, which is made up of writers who have published crime or thriller novels, is charging different prices for the Manuscript Assessment Service depending on the amount that is submitted.

For “level A” submissions, writers can submit 3,000 words, plus a 1,000-word synopsis. For a cost of £100 paid in advance, writers can expect a two-page critique within three weeks. The CWA is also offering a “level B” service, which allows writers to submit 100,000-word manuscripts alongside a synopsis, with a longer critique returned in five weeks. This will cost £350.

On their website, the CWA say: “As an organisation we’re committed to the crime genre, and we know what makes a thrilling crime novel. Your work will be read by one of our experienced members, who will provide you with detailed feedback that will help you hone your writing.”

Bestselling crime novelist Peter James said he hoped people who go on to publish after using the service would look to join the CWA, and the money raised would go to help the organisation’s services.