Canongate signs Gun, Baby, Gun

Canongate signs Gun, Baby, Gun

Canongate non-fiction publishing director Katy Follain has bought a “fast-paced and hard-hitting” look at the gun debate and firearms culture.   

Follian snapped up world rights to Ian Overton’s Gun, Baby, Gun: A Bloody Journey into the World of the Gun just an hour after submission from Antony Topping at Greene & Heaton. Norwegian rights have also been pre-empted by Halfdan Friehow at Font.

Overton is director of investigations at charity Action on Armed Violence, and has been at close quarters with guns on several occasions. The book looks at guns in our culture and Overton has interviewed gunmakers, policemen, gang members, soldiers, murderers and even legally-blind gun owners.

Follain said: “This is a book that tackles head-on a highly sensitive subject that elicits fascination and evokes deep emotion in us all.”


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