Bushell hosts Litopia show

Controversial DJ and journalist Garry Bushell is to broadcast a new series via Radio Litopia, the online radio station founded by Redhammer agent Peter Cox.

Bushell will host "The Garry Bushell Show", with UKIP leader Nigel Farage his first star guest.

Cox is calling for “A-list male-oriented authors” to appear as guests on the programme. "We want to feature your best authors in this category. Garry is a brilliant interviewer, and our format is highly adaptable, unlike traditional media," Cox said. “This will be Garry at his uncensored, unleashed and unrepentant best . . . It will be a powerful platform to reach the intelligent male reader."

The Garry Bushell Show is online at http://www.litopia.com/radio/shows/the-garry-bushell-show/.