Bookseller Group launches book marketing widget

Bookseller Group launches book marketing widget

A new widget that enables publishers to maximise their web marketing, book2look, is being launched in the UK and Ireland by The Bookseller Group.

The book2look widget is designed as a digital wrap for all the information consumers need for a book. The widget displays the book to readers as either a single or double  page, and offers users a range of options, such as linking to social media outlets to facilitate discussion of the book.

Publishers can embed the widget easily on to third-party sites by simply pasting it on, changes can be made using ONIX and these then roll out automatically across all installed copies of the original widget. Additionally, QR codes can be embedded, video added and links to online retailers automated. As the widget spreads across the internet, publishers can observe its progress and track the number of views via bespoke distribution maps.

Ralph Möllers, publisher at Terzio Verlag, set up book2look in Germany in March 2009. He said: "We needed new ways to make books known to consumers. Our idea was to create something like a YouTube video, only with book content. We liked the idea of a widget that would spread virally online, something that people could easily share with friends on social networks, and something that publishers, booksellers and even authors could use to promote their books. book2look is the end result of what we see as a clear and sensible solution to this issue."

Bookseller Group's m.d. Nigel Roby said: "We are delighted to be partnering Ralph to offer such an innovative new marketing service."

So far, book2look has been used by 420 publishers worldwide, and is operating with 2,300 retailers. Around 600,000 widgets have been created. For more information contact Marzia Ghiselli, The Bookseller's business development director.