Books vie for odd prize

<p><em>The Large Sieve and its Applications</em>, <em>F**k It</em>, and <em>Baboon Metaphysics</em> are just three of the titles that have made it on to the 18-strong longlist for the Diagram Prize, <em>The Bookseller&#39;s</em> hugely popular odd titles award.</p><p>Publishers Jessica Kingsley Publishers (<em>All Dogs Have ADHD</em>), Woodhead Publishing (<em>Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring</em>), Routledge (<em>The Industrial Vagina</em>), and Cambridge University Press (<em>The Large Sieve and its Applications</em>) each have an entry on the longlist.<br /><br />In a blog on, legendary Bookseller diarist Horace Bent wrote: &quot;Once again, I&rsquo;ve received a great number of entries, that began to flood in many, many months ago with the anonymous suggestion of Emmanual Kowalski&rsquo;s <em>The Large Sieve and its Applications</em> (Cambridge University Press). This 316-page &pound;50 hardbacked epic was published back in May last year, and comes with 10 wonderful line figures, nine outrageous tables, 14 stalwart exercises and 13 incredible worked examples, so I&rsquo;m told. Comprehensive, then.&quot;<br /><br />The shortlist will be revealed on 20th February, when the public will be allowed to vote for the winner. &quot;I am currently critiquing the longlist, canvassing the choleric opinions of some of the greatest minds in literary reportage that the world has to offer. Admittedly, for purposes of fairness/democracy, I&rsquo;ve had to canvas some weak minds but, rest assured, I will strike these opinions from the record without hesitation&mdash;if only some of the other British literary awards did the same the Bookies&rsquo; might actually get it right one of these days,&quot; Bent added.</p>