Books vie for odd prize

The Large Sieve and its Applications, F**k It, and Baboon Metaphysics are just three of the titles that have made it on to the 18-strong longlist for the Diagram Prize, The Bookseller's hugely popular odd titles award.

Publishers Jessica Kingsley Publishers (All Dogs Have ADHD), Woodhead Publishing (Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring), Routledge (The Industrial Vagina), and Cambridge University Press (The Large Sieve and its Applications) each have an entry on the longlist.

In a blog on, legendary Bookseller diarist Horace Bent wrote: "Once again, I’ve received a great number of entries, that began to flood in many, many months ago with the anonymous suggestion of Emmanual Kowalski’s The Large Sieve and its Applications (Cambridge University Press). This 316-page £50 hardbacked epic was published back in May last year, and comes with 10 wonderful line figures, nine outrageous tables, 14 stalwart exercises and 13 incredible worked examples, so I’m told. Comprehensive, then."

The shortlist will be revealed on 20th February, when the public will be allowed to vote for the winner. "I am currently critiquing the longlist, canvassing the choleric opinions of some of the greatest minds in literary reportage that the world has to offer. Admittedly, for purposes of fairness/democracy, I’ve had to canvas some weak minds but, rest assured, I will strike these opinions from the record without hesitation—if only some of the other British literary awards did the same the Bookies’ might actually get it right one of these days," Bent added.