Bello to publish 'lost gems' of crime

Bello to publish 'lost gems' of crime

Pan Macmillan's digital imprint, Bello, is to publish Bello: The Best of British Crime, collecting novels by 20th-century writers Andrew Garve, David Williams and Francis Durbridge.

The collection will be released on 19th July, priced £14.99, and will also be available in a print-on-demand (POD) edition.

It will feature Murder in Moscow by Garve, Prescription for Murder by David Williams, and A Game of Murder by Francis Durbridge.

Crime writer Martin Edwards has written an introduction to the omnibus. He said: "The publication of this omnibus revives a trio of the lively mystery novels that have lurked in publishers' archives for years, waiting to be rediscovered.

"Thanks to the enterprise of Bello, a whole host of lost gems are now being brought back to the surface."