BA signs up with Google for Editions programme

<p>The Booksellers Association has signed an agreement for its members to sell Google&#39;s e-book system later this year, as well as share its membership data with the search engine.</p><p>BA chief executive Tim Godfray told delegates yesterday afternoon (18th May) at the Book Industry Conference in London that any BA member will be able to start selling Google Editions, the &quot;buy anywhere, read anywhere&quot; e-book system, when it launches this summer. </p><p>He said: &quot;This will have a significant impact on e-book sales for members.&quot; Godfray also said the BA would be sharing membership data with Google on a weekly basis. He said consumers using the search engine to look for booksellers would be directed to BA members.</p><p>Google Editions works by saving content in &quot;cloud library&quot; so a user can read a book across a range of different devices. </p><p>Google, along with Apple and Amazon, will be &quot;hugely influential&quot; in determining how the digital landscape changes over the coming years, said Godfray. &quot;They should be part of the trade associations and inside the tent. It puts us at a disadvantage not to have companies sitting at a table and working with us to map out what the best way forward.&quot;</p>