Atwood completes MaddAddam trilogy

Margaret Atwood's next novel, MaddAddam, will be published by Bloomsbury on 29th August.

The Man Booker Prize-winner's latest work will be the third title in the trilogy which began with Oryx and Crake and was continued with The Year of the Flood. It will be released as a 448-page £18.99 hardback.

The book will continue the story of the Crakers—a species bio-engineered to replace humans—who are the only survivors after a man-made plague has swept the earth.  According to the publisher, the book is "unpredictable, chilling and hilarious", and takes the reader "further into a challenging dystopian world and holds up a skewed mirror to our own possible future".

The book will be published on 27th August in Canada (McClelland and Stewart), and 3rd September in the US (Nan A. Talese).