Atlantic makes children's move

Atlantic Books has bought the rights to three children's books from American journalist, commentator and magazine publisher, Kimberly Quinn. The move is part of a wider push into the children's market.
Caroline Michel at PFD secured the deal for the three titles with Toby Mundy, c.e.o. and publisher of Atlantic. The first book is called The Queen Must Die and will be published in early 2010.

Mundy said: "I have wanted for some time to begin publishing for children and young adults. When we discovered these effervescent novels I knew we had found exactly the right titles to launch into this area." Quinn said that "the most important readers in the world are children. What they absorb today is the foundation of everyone’s future". She said she has been thinking about writing these books for two decades and had been working on them for many years.

The three titles combine historical adventure with fantasy and move in time from the 21st century to Victorian England. Mundy said: "These wonderful books are a sparkling modern combination of the work of C S Lewis, Mark Twain and E Nesbit. Everyone here has been beguiled by The Queen Must Die, and I feel sure that readers all around the world will also take it to their hearts."