Amazon and Google to face questions from MPs

Amazon and Google are to face questioning from MPs over corporation tax in the UK today (12th November).

The US-based companies are due to give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee which is investigating taxing multinationals, at 3.15pm this afternoon. Andrew Cecil, director of public policy, will be giving evidence for Amazon, while Matt Brittin, chief executive officer will speak for Google UK.

Joining Amazon and Google in giving evidence is Starbucks, with all three set to give evidence on the fact that they pay no corporation tax on their earnings in the UK. 

Amazon has paid no corporation tax on £3.3bn of generated sales in the UK while Google paid just £6m to the Treasury in 2011 despite registering a turnover of £395m. Starbucks meanwhile is said to have only paid £8.6m in corporation tax in the UK since 1998.