Amazon Academy comes to Scotland

Amazon Academy comes to Scotland

Amazon is putting on an event for self-published authors in Edinburgh today (23rd May) in partnership with the Alliance for Independent Authors.

It is the third such event the retailer has run, following Amazon Academy days in London and Manchester (pictured below), on 23rd November 2016 and in Manchester on 31st March 2017 respectively.

The events provide free advice and practical support to help aspiring authors from across Scotland, covering Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and how to market books. Specific sessions planned will provide tips from authors on developing a plot, characterisation and the best way to approach dialogue; how to use social media effectively and the importance of mailing lists, as well as how to make the most of KDP Select; and thoughts from experts how to decide what to outsource.

Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, said digital publishing was enabling authors to take creative control. She endorsed Amazon's independent publishing programmes as "first class" and said she'd received overwhelmingly positive feedback from authors who'd previously attended Amazon Academy events.

“Digital publishing means writers today can take creative control and publish their books, their way, to a global audience and can now earn a living from their writing as never before," she said. "Amazon Academy is an opportunity to find out more about producing and selling books using Amazon’s first-class independent-publishing programmes. It’s also a place to learn what’s new, ask questions, meet the people behind the programmes, and hear from other writers about what it takes to run a successful indie author business. Feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive."

Alessio Santarelli, director of Kindle Content Europe said: “What makes the world of independent publishing such a unique and interesting space is the sense of community and authors’ willingness to share experience and advice. We are delighted to be holding the next Amazon Academy for Authors in Edinburgh, enabling both aspiring and established writers to come together and hear from some local authors who have reached readers all around the world through Kindle Direct Publishing."