Frequently asked questions

If you have a subscription query and can’t find the answer below, you can contact Customer Services. 
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What's my password for thebookseller.com?

Why aren't I receiving the newsletters?

How do I log in to the digital editions?

How can I read current and back issues on my tablet or mobile?

Subscription is sent to my predecessor, can I change it into my name?

My company has a subscription why can't I access the charts and other subscriber content?

How can I upgrade my digital subscription to receive print copies of the magazine?


What's my password for thebookseller.com?

If you don’t know your password, you can use the forgotten password link on the login page to reset it.  Enter your email address to receive a link back to the site and enter your choice of new password in the password and password confirmation fields.


Why aren’t I receiving the newsletters?

If you’ve signed up for the newsletters but are not receiving them then please firstly, check your junk folder.  Then you need to ensure our emails are not blocked by your firewall.   Ask your company’s IT Support team to whitelist our email domains: mail.thebookseller.com and thebookseller.com.  Whitelisting resolves almost all delivery problems and your newsletters will automatically start arriving on the next working day.

If after following those steps you still don’t receive any newsletters, then you may have inadvertently unsubscribed . Please contact help@bookseller.co.uk so we can opt you back in to the recipient mailing list.


How do I log in to the digital editions?

Sign in using your lastname and your access code.  You can find your access code in the email we send every Friday when we send the link to the brand new issue.  The same details can be used in the iTunes/GooglePlay app version.


How can I read current and back issues on my tablet or mobile?

You’ll find all the digital editions on the digital archives page. You can read them in your mobile browser but for the best experience we recommend you download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay (search your store for thebookseller).   As a subscriber you need to log in using your last name and access code.


Subscription is sent to my predecessor can I change it into my name?

Contact customer service to update the recipient details.


How do I change the email address for my subscription? / I’ve changed company, how do I get the subscription sent to my new address?

Contact customer service to update the delivery details.


My company has a subscription but I can’t access the charts and other subscriber content

Most subscriptions are for named addressee only so you may need to take another individual subscription or upgrade to team or company-wide access.

If your company does already have a company-wide package then as long as you have registered with your work email address you will automatically receive unlimited web access and all the other subscriber benefits. Please note non-UK divisions of a company need to subscribe separately.

The simplest way to check your entitlement and resolve any queries is to contact the customer service team.


I have a subscription. How do I activate it to access the subscriber content?

—If you have just subscribed, we have already activated your online access for you.  Check your inbox for the order confirmation email from us and click the link to be logged into your account where you can set your own password.

—If you subscribed some time ago you can simply use the password reset tool.  As long as you use the same email address used at the time of ordering, then password reset will enable you to create a password and access the content


How can I upgrade from digital subscription to print?

You can just pay the difference between a standard and premium subscription package. Simply contact customer service to arrange this.




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