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Bookseller conferences and awards in 2014:



The Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference

Tuesday 8th July, 2014, Southbank, London      

The Bookseller’s Marketing and Publicity conference brought together over 250 book marketing & publicity professionals to discover, learn and discuss the latest approaches and innovations driving sales and increasing engagement across publishing and wider industries. 

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The Bookseller Children's Conference 

25th September 2014, Southbank, London

The Bookseller Children's Conference offers Publishers, Booksellers, Authors and Librarians the opportunity to come together to discover, learn and discuss what is working and what isn't in the children's book world. Be a part of the discussion and join over 250 fellow publishers, booksellers, authors and librarians from across the industry at our Children's Conference on Thursday 25th September.


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The Bookseller Futurebook Conference   

14th of November 2014, QEII Conference Centre, London

FutureBook brings together the leading thinkers in digital publishing, editorial, writing, marketing and tech. Now in its fourth year, with over 700 attendees and more than 40 speakers giving keynotes, panel sessions and pitching big ideas, FutureBook is the largest digital publishing conference in Europe.


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The Bookseller Futurebook Innovation Awards     


Every year we celebrate those companies and individuals who are playing a key role in driving the publishing industry forward. 

The shortlist will be announced at the Publishing Innovators meet-up in Hall 8 on Thursday 9th October at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The winners will be announced at The Bookseller's FutureBook Conference on Friday 14th November, in front of over 600 industry leaders. 

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