Why a paywall?

Over the next few weeks you will notice changes to our website. Our intention is to move more of our exclusive content, in news, books and charts, to the secure part of the site accessible only to subscribers.

When you hit the paywall, it will be pretty clear how you can access the relevant pages—essentially you have to log in with your subscriber details. If you're not a subscriber, you won't be able to see the whole article, and you'll instead be directed to the subscriber page. Our job is to make sure our content is so compelling you will want to subscribe if you are not already doing so.

Much of our news coverage will remain free, as will our blogs, and the ability, for those who wish, to comment. Over the past decade thebookseller.com has become a vibrant hub for the UK business, a place to read the best reporting on the book trade and debate what it means, and we wish it to remain so. However, we need to encourage people to pay for this content, in those areas where we add real value—exclusive news, bestseller analysis, book previews.

Coupled with making the paywall more obvious, we'll be introducing new content on the site over the winter. Principally, we'll be putting up all of our books preview content from the magazine—these are the sections where we rank the commercial, and to some extent artistic, merit of all the key releases four months before they hit the shelves. So, although we are going to be more vigorous in how we police access to what we produce, we are also going to improve and expand what we put up.

Paid subscribers will still be able to access all our content, but now they will need to log in first. This may seem a bit of a chore, but the process is no different to many other websites today. We have to make a living by charging for content just the same as publishers and booksellers do, so I know you, our readers, will recognise and appreciate the new landscape we are in.


How to login
You can find detailed instructions about how to login, what to do if you have forgotten your password, how to contact Customer Service if needed and how to subscribe here.