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Two workshops last week focused on re-imagining the flagship of London's most iconic shop—Foyles. Yet many of the ideas could be rolled out industry-wide. Here are five indies could  implement right now:

Membership advantages do not have to be great—extra discounts, early-bird tickets, free events—but it can make customers feel part of a community.

Limited Editions
Bookshop-specific bespoke editions. Work with the publisher, writer or even local designers and artists to make a physical book that the likes of Amazon cannot compete with.

Use your author, publisher and local contacts to run small classes. Don’t limit yourself to just the literary, think lifestyle, too, like cookery, fitness or self-help.

Guest curation
Have an author coming in for an event? Ask them for the books that inspired them, and build a table or display around it.

Personal shopper
Use your experience to show customers the best books they want, and the ones they never knew they wanted.

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Tom Tivnan is The Bookseller's features and supplements editor