Deviant devices

DeviantART ( is a global creative platform which enables the display of a wide range of professional and amateur artwork. Once you register on the site, you create your own gallery and post comments on the uploaded work of others. As you gain more popularity it is possible to create your own "group"–with administrator rights users can set the topics and steer the debates.

While it is popular with artists, of all kinds, it can also work well for publishers, and I'd encourage more to take it up.

On the platform I was able to find a Literature category with an array of poetry and writing groups, along with snippets of work up for review. But there’s no doubt that DeviantART could be further utilised by the book trade as a great window for book jacket designs.

Imagine the excitement which could be generated for work in progress and finished designs, especially for the most popular authors. A DeviantART shop window could allow publishers to generate invaluable feedback before going to print and this would help create an engaged and interactive community around a forthcoming title, adding another string to the PR bow.

It's also worth mentioning that DeviantART also offers selling options around uploaded content.

Publishers have already made great use of existing web platforms—perhaps now is the turn of DeviantART.

Lloyd Paige is a freelance writer, reviewer and online consultant.