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  • Roald Dahl's Welsh roots

    By Lleucu Siencyn

    Chief executive at Literature Wales

    Lleucu Siencyn takes a look at Roald Dahl's Welsh roots, and how Wales wil celebrate the centenary of his birth. Read more

  • 'Let's create more braille books to open up a world of adventure'

    By Claire Maxwell

    Reading Services manager at Royal National Institute of Blind People

    The RNIB's Claire Maxwell on why more braille books are needed. Read more

  • A call for more diverse submissions to the YA Book Prize

    By Charlotte Eyre

    Children's editor at Bookseller

    Charlotte Eyre talks about diversity in YA fiction, and the desire to have a diverse YA Book Prize shortlist. Read more

  • The illustrated soldier and the book-hack

    By Helen Limon

    Research associate at Newcastle University

    Dr Helen Limon from Newcastle University looks at the way children's books affect perceptions of the military. Read more

  • A letter to booksellers

    By Kate Wilson

    Founder and managing director at Nosy Crow

    Dear booksellers,  Nosy Crow publishes Refuge on 12th November. It is a book I dearly hope you will all support.   Like you,... Read more

  • The phonics argument

    By Christopher Jolly

    Publisher at Jolly Learning Ltd

    It is sad but true. Publishing has been as guilty as everyone. The crucial first step in a child’s schooling is to learn to read,... Read more

  • Training for author events in schools

    By Justin Somper

    Marketing/Bus Dev/Commercial at Freelance

    In regards to the current debate on whether authors should be paid for events in schools, the question, of course, is not should children’s authors... Read more

  • A "cooler", more creative children's publishing industry on show at CMC

    By Chris McCrudden

    Marketing/Bus Dev/Commercial at Midas

    The theme of this year’s Children’s Media Conference (CMC), which took place 1-3 July in Sheffield, was “All Change”. Which is apt, because the... Read more

  • Why write YA?

    By Gemma Malley

    Marketing Manager at Book Trust at Book Trust

    Ahead of YALC 2015, Gemma Malley, director of communications at Book Trust and author of seven YA novels, takes a look at why authors... Read more

  • Can authors earn worthwhile royalties from apps?

    By Andrew Brodie

    Author at Author

    As I mainly earn my living from writing, two dates each year are of particular significance to me: my royalties are paid at the end... Read more

  • Remembering Mal Peet

    By David Fickling

    Founder at David Fickling Books

    I was ludicrously lucky to be Mal Peet’s editor. But not for long enough! And there are others who edited him for longer. And knew... Read more

  • The joy of rhyme

    By Gavin Puckett

    Author at Author

    I recently asked my son Evan why he liked stories that rhyme. His answer was, “Because they’re funny, Daddy.”  When I asked him why he thought they were funny,... Read more

  • Cover Story: The Lion Inside

    By Jim Field

    Illustrator at Illustrator

    The Lion Inside is my first collaboration with the hugely talented Rachel Bright, publishing with Orchard books this September. It’s the story about a tiny brown... Read more

  • Credit where it's due

    By Sarah McIntyre

    Illustrator at Cakes in Space

    If you look at the children’s book sales charts, you will notice something about the ones at the top: many of them are highly illustrated.... Read more

  • Writing for TV and children's books – what's the difference?

    By Cas Lester

    Author at Author

    Cas Lester, author of the Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy series (Oxford University Press) and former head of drama development at CBBC, talks about the... Read more

The Bookseller 20th January 2017

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Official Children's Chart

  1. 1.
    The Midnight Gang
    by Walliams, David
  2. 2.
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    by Rowling, J K
  3. 3.
    Double Down
    by Kinney, Jeff
  4. 4.
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
    by Rowling, J K
  5. 5.
    Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook
    by Silvestri, Cris
  6. 6.
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    by Rowling, J K. & Thorne, Jack & Tiffany, John
  7. 7.
    Awful Auntie
    by Walliams, David
  8. 8.
    We're Going on a Bear Hunt
    by Rosen, Michael & Oxenbury, Helen
  9. 9.
    Gangsta Granny
    by Walliams, David
  10. 10.
    The World's Worst Children
    by Walliams, David

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The Bookseller 20th January 2017

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Issue No
Friday, January 20 2017

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