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What 15 years at Foyles taught me about the future of bookselling

The book industry has never really been simple. But looking back to over 15 years ago, when I started my career at Foyles, it certainly... Read more

It's time for publishers to get serious about metadata

Last month Pan Macmillan appointed its first dedicated metadata manager. Here she explains why metadata should be high on every publisher's agenda - and her... Read more

Steady your heart: web-connected paper is on its way

Interactive paper? Mind blown. This research project, led by Surrey University, has industry-changing potential... Read more

What publishers should know about this year's Internet Trends Report

From mobile first strategies to video game storytelling, here are the key insights for publishers from Mary Meeker’s highly anticipated Internet Trends Report 2017. Read more

Forget AR and VR - mixed reality is the next frontier for digital publishing

What emerging technology should publishers be exploring right now? Think AR on steroids. Read more

VR for publishers 101: Why diverse teams will help you make better virtual experiences

So you’re about to dive into the unknown and produce or commission your first virtual reality experience. The question now is, who should be on... Read more

The business of small presses: 4 things we learnt the hard way

It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to say that we’re in the middle of a golden age for small press publishing. In... Read more

To digital or not to digital: which way will publishing jobs jump?

Last year, there was something of a kerfuffle when the communications agency adam&eveDBB dropped 'digital' from all its job titles . In the words of... Read more

Print sales might be rallying, but don't get complacent

The publishing industry has survived digital upheaval due to luck, not strategy - and it needs to prepare for the next wave of disruption, says... Read more

Be part of the world's first working museum of books

From printing presses to digital experiences, Emma Balch is creating a haven dedicated to the power of books. Read more

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