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How, and why, I'm turning The Kraken Wakes into a game

To Play For has bought exclusive games rights to John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes . Here's why - and what they're planning to do. Read more

Transparency, targeting, Twitter: what it means to be a literary agent now

As she launches a new literary agency, Juliet Mushens discusses how social media and changing expectations have helped to bring the ‘dark art’ of agenting... Read more

My publishing Kickstarter failed - and here's what I learned

It may have spawned an orgy of 'failure porn', but the original idea behind the fail fast principle still holds many lessons for future-minded publishers... Read more

How a 160-year-old library and a four-year-old startup are building a new sort of book community

The State Library Victoria, one of the world’s oldest public libraries, has partnered with publishing startup Tablo to launch an online reading and writing community. Read more

With VR, publishers must focus on storydoing, not storytelling

Publishers must be wary of directly transposing your stories into VR, and focus on where their talents match the potential of this new medium. Read more

In praise of slow publishing

In a breathless digital economy, speed isn't all it's cracked up to be. Might it be time for a slow publishing movement? Read more

Publishers, meet Alexa: voice search is this year's disruptive force

Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are creating a whole new voice search ecosystem. But are publishers ready to take advantage of it? Read more

The danger of bright shiny things (including Milo Yiannopoulos)

As the Milo Yiannopoulos row rumbles on, Guy Gadney explains why brand values have started to trump shiny new things in the digital space. Read more

How to win at publishing now: 10 tips from the FutureBook Awards

What skills and behaviours do you need to become a leading light in the publishing industry? Bec Evans interviews this year's FutureBook Award winners to... Read more

Watch out publishers: the chatbots are coming

Move over, VR; chatbots are set to be the big publishing trend this year. Read more

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