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Publishers must beware these 3 VR myths

I really sympathise with publishers trying to decide whether or not to dip their toes into the VR waters. It is hard enough making business... Read more

Augmented reality books need to become more than a gimmick

Immersive technologies are on the rise, but what will it take for AR books to become mainstream? Read more

Why O'Reilly Media is no longer selling books online

O’Reilly Media has pursued its mission to "change the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators" through many forms and channels in its nearly 40-year... Read more

Writing for audio is a unique art form

Following the launch of Audible’s New Writing Grant, bestselling crime writer and narrator Mark Billingham muses on the crucial differences of writing for audio. Read more

Bring on the browser books

I'd like to start this month's editor's musings with a personal rising-from-the-ashes anecdote. One of the other jobs I juggle alongside my role at FutureBook... Read more

Publishers who want new readers must challenge their genre boundaries

Following Colson Whitehead's controversial win at last week's Arthur C. Clarke Award, director Tom Hunter calls on mainstream publishers to change their attitudes towards sci-fi. Read more

Is the e-book a dead format?

Ten years after the first Kindle was released, and with sales declining, Simon Rowberry examines the future of the e-book. Read more

Publishers need to move from performance mode to power mode

It takes a brave business to double down on real, sustained innovation initiatives when their market share is under threat. Read more

How virtual literary festivals are breaking down diversity barriers

Virtual literary festivals such as Scot Lit Fest are flying the flag for accessibility and innovation - and established events would do well to learn... Read more

In a world of peak attention, how can books survive?

We're facing a crisis of attention. How can books compete with addictive platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Netflix? Read more

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