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The ideas paradox: why publishers fail to innovate

There’s a surplus of profitable innovations within publishing – the problem is turning those ideas into commercial product. Read more

My invisible career: how can we preserve our digital stories?

Do we now live in a world where ideas and mass creative production move too fast for any archive? Read more

When you write for games, everything is possible

Transmedia author David Varela explains why a new wave of sophisticated games is bringing writers exciting new opportunities Read more

VR for publishers 101: How to distribute your virtual reality story

From bundling Google Cardboard with books to partnering with theatres, Catherne Allen has some great ideas for how to bring your VR experience to the... Read more

Publishing as activism

Right now, publishing matters. Of course, publishing has always mattered, but in the recent past it has been all too easy - whether you're an... Read more

Why the paperback fought back... and what's next in digital marketing

Paperbacks aren't broke, so they don't need fixing - but publishers still have a lot to learn from digital-first entertainment networks like Netflix Read more

Five tips for turning a book into an interactive game

Earlier this month we announced a rights agreement with Pollinger Ltd and the John Wyndham estate to develop an interactive game based on the author’s... Read more

How to get a job in digital publishing

No doubt you’ve heard many times about how competitive publishing is - and I’m not going to say otherwise. However, as someone ‘on the inside’... Read more

Use these empathy techniques to make stuff your readers want

As publishers, we’re all striving for the next bestseller, the big word of mouth success, the must-read title. But, being told to “make the stuff... Read more

Children's books must take the lead in promoting tech diversity

Sophie Deen is on a mission to close the big diversity gap in tech - and she thinks publishers are exacerbating the problem. Read more

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