Publishers Association figures show strong sales for children's e-books...

3 days 19 hours ago

HarperCollins in the US has signed up with Canadian start-up BitLit to allow people to buy discounted e-book versions of print titles they already...

The Best Little Bookshop has made a key appointment ahead of its beta launch. The brainchild of Kieron Smith, former m.d of The Book Depository,...

David Fickling Books will this September publish one-off comic Jampires, created during an “online jam session” by illustrators Sarah...

Little, Brown editorial promotions
Constable & Robinson has a new managing editor, as part of a series of ...
49 min 20 sec ago
Hachette/Amazon dispute 'affecting some book-buying'
A proportion of US customers are buying fewer books from Amazon as a result of ...
59 min 20 sec ago
George R R Martin and Robin Hobb event
George R R Martin and Robin Hobb will spend an evening discussing their works ...
1 hour 19 min ago
Gollancz Festival at Waterstones Piccadilly
Gollancz has released full details of the author events taking place at The ...
1 hour 29 min ago
'Authors United' promises long-term Amazon strategy
Authors United, the group of writers who signed a letter calling on Amazon to ...
1 day 19 min ago

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  • Philip Jones »

    Curious Thursdays

    Publishing is a contradictory business. Last week, when talking about ...
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    Spring in September

    Publishing companies are in the business of production and retail, but ...

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EU Commission to investigate German Amazon complaint

The complaint against Amazon that the German trade association Börsenverein officially...
4 days 18 hours ago


Teens flock to Movellas 'immersive experience'

As teenagers seek to create their own immersive worlds around their favourite books or music bands, fan fiction is a phenomenon publishers cannot...
1 day 40 min ago


Orion to publish Santana biog

Orion is to publish the autobiography of “legendary” musician Carlos Santana. Alan Samson, publisher non-fiction, bought UK and...
16 hours 29 min ago