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  • Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Thursday's child

    In a week when The Bookseller reported that James Daunt was removing Kindle devices from most of Waterstones’ shelves, one wonders if the... Read more

  • Cathy Rentzenbrink

    Acting books editor at The Bookseller

    On noticing

    The Goldsmiths Prize shortlist was announced last week. Six good books - I’ve read lots of them - by six men. The prize rewards... Read more

  • Lisa Edwards

    Consultant at Redwood Tree Publishing

    Let's talk about books

    Books, books, books. The whole world is talking about books. Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and Pinterest – my entire life is filled with people... Read more


  • Emma Barnes

    CEO/MD/Director/GM/Owner at Bibliocloud

    A manifesto for skills

    "I want to work in a flourishing industry known for its competence, kindness, innovation and creativity." In one of the clearest iterations yet of her call for... Read more

  • Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Is it now the time for something completely different?

    Is it me, or you? This morning, The Bookseller reported that Waterstones was taking Kindle devices off most of its shelves due to “pitiful” sales.... Read more

  • Thad McIlroy

    Agent at The Future of Publishing

    A manifesto on metadata

    The only way to make publishing's great content discoverable, is "via rich metadata linked into smart search systems." Thad McIlroy tells us. He... Read more

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