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  • Stuart Bache

    Art director at Oneworld

    The Resurgence of Golden Age Crime

    From ‘designing for backlist’ and deftly on to this year’s resurgence of golden age crime fiction, the classic crime genre is proving as popular as... Read more

  • Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Corporate chorus

    Last week I made a comment about the many hands working—often behind the scenes—to make the book business happen. Unleashing this talent, these many voices,... Read more

  • Sofia Eleftheroudaki

    CEO/MD/Director/GM/Owner at Eleftheroudakis Books

    Bookselling through turbulent times in Greece

    Over the last years, bookselling in Athens felt like being in a gigantic waterslide with no end. You are sliding and sliding, claustrophobic and –... Read more


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